mugshot andyInspiration Statement:

I want to inspire people to come alive, to seek wholeness in Christ, to live adventurously in dependency and wonder. I want to inspire them to try the alternate method of doing things. The one that is free from slavery to acquisition, debt, cubicles, fear, etc. Stop depending on situation to be happy and live from inside out as the unique individual God made them to be. Relationship instead of religion, wellness instead of healthcare, passion instead of obligation, independence instead of acquisition, offering instead of consuming, authenticity instead of conformity, confidence instead of doubt. In short, I promote well-being in every area of life through unconventional means.

MFC’s: (Most Frequent Comment)
The most frequent comment people make to my face is, “you remind me of someone I know,” or “I feel like we’ve met before.”

The second most frequent comment is, “You’re a lot more normal than I thought you’d be.”


So why the whole Sir Bunch thing?
We’re all unique, and to some degree we all feel the pull to fit a mold so that others will know what to expect from us. There may not be a collective soul but there is certainly a collective expectation. I think it’s unavoidable, but I also think in our personal lives there’s a lot of power that comes from knowing yourself and embracing your strangeness. I’m passionate about living from my uniqueness and helping others plumb their uniqueness to find ways to live authentically.

How can you say what you just said and then shake your head at the Portland hipster scene?
I think if you have to say, “Hey look at me I’m weird,” you’re probably doing it wrong. I don’t have strange facial hair to be ironic, my face is an expression of me. I don’t try to stand out, I try to be me.

But where did the Sir Bunch thing come from?
A mentor of mine once gave me a plaque declaring me a knight. He said it was his obligation to acknowledge nobility. I went to a retreat soon after where they played the movie, Kingdom of Heaven. A scene in that movie, where the defender of Jerusalem nights all the fighters, upsetting the established order of the other officials. It hit me that knighthood an acknowledgement of initiation and bravery. So I went with it for a personal brand and it stuck.

What do you mean by personal brand?
I do accept that it’s my responsibility to communicate my brand. I can’t just complain about being misunderstood. The price of living out your uniqueness is having to set expectations for people I meet so that they don’t feel deceived.

So what’s the Cleric, Ranger etc. about?
I’ll go into that more in those specific sections, but basically I came to the conclusion that if knighthood described my self concept in some areas of my life, there were other areas that it didn’t speak to. I like the fantasy theme of it because I write a lot of fantasy fiction, so I expanded the basic theme to describe passions I have beyond writing fiction.

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