Why you need a B2B Copywriter

The Value I Deliver

I know a lot of people who build marketing funnels for themselves or their clients using software like Clickfunnels, Groove Funnels, or other.

I’m Andy Bunch, and I have been writing and publishing for 20 years. For the last five years I’ve been writing marketing copy. While I’m launching my own retail offers, I find the people I enjoy working with the most are Kingdom Entrepreneurs who are marketing for others.

When I work with an agency to do their writing I do more than just writing, but 1st, what sets my writing apart.

My Unique Value Writing…

I specialize in finding the core message, and voice (attractive character), of the Entrepreneur behind the copy, while also displaying the product or service at maximum perceived value.

As you know, value is in the eye of the beholder. My writing method focuses on elevating the perception of value of the offer by LINEAR techniques (for left-brained thinkers) and HISPEED techniques (for right-brained thinkers). These techniques incorporate illustration, story, context, plus 12 more to help site visitors see the offer in its best possible light.

The impact of these techniques is to make readers more likely to buy and also make them happy to pay the right price.

More than just Writing…
  • I can onboard your clients via zoom or phone, ask all the questions I need to write their copy and make that documentation available.
  • I provide you with a chance to preview the draft, then send it to the client for review.
  • I respond to their editing needs until they’re happy, and I’m able to coach them a little toward the most effective version of the funnel you’re building for them.

The price for this is much cheaper than you’re probably expecting. Entrepreneurs pay thousands of dollars for high quality copy, but I’m not charging you retail.

One of the key benefits of becoming a B2B partner with me is that you can have me write/edit your material for the same rock bottom rate.

Contact me for a free half-hour clarity call, today.

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Entrepreneur Coaching

You were wonderfully and fearfully made. You have a purpose, a unique design and a destiny to fulfill.

I believe for every problem in the world there is a Kingdom Entrepreneur with a solution for it.

Pedro Adao

If you have a business it exists to solve problems for people. You are uniquely qualified to solve problems for a certain group of people, and you are uniquely qualified to solve a certain type of problem. This is your inheritance because you were designed before the world was made.

What if the circumstances you’re in aren’t there to punish you, but instead you were sent as God’s answer to your circumstances?

Discovering your unique value comes when you discover your authentic design. To do that you’ll need to reconnect with your heart and God’s vision for your life. Adventure Coaching, as described above, is where we do that.

Once you’ve discovered your Authentic Adventure you will need to be able to articulate your purpose to others. You may start with a purpose statement that reminds you of what God is up to, but you’ll also have to craft a mission statement that tells others what your do and for who. I can help with that.

I specialize in helping Christian Entrepreneurs reconnect with their hearts, discover God’s vision for their lives, craft a purpose statement, a mission statement, and their message (which is usually what your discover in the process of getting unstuck).

So as a writer, I help you bring your unique value to market, but as a coach I help you discover and articulate your value.

What Coaching is & is not:

Starting with what it is not. A coach won’t do it for you. In fact he can’t even give you all the right answers. The best coaches will ask you questions that force you to come up with the right answers for you. You can’t discover your unique value, message, mission, etc. if someone tells you what to do.

There is a place for someone to just give you answers. That’s called consulting, and I do some of that in my book business. The key difference there is that I’ve been writing and publishing books for 20 years. I haven’t been getting you unstuck for 20 years. You should pay me for answers to BOOK questions–you should not pay me for answers to YOU questions.

Value of having a Coach:

People are drowning in information these days, the overwhelming majority of folks who buy a book or training course don’t make use of it. 

Having a coach makes all the difference, because… 

  • When you set a deadline for something, having an appointment with someone else about it makes it real.
  • Sewing money into yourself and this project creates commitment to this course of action and I can help you stay focused on the prize
  • You already invested in 100X, coaching helps you maximise that investment. There are a lot of resources in 100X and since I’ve been doing this for two years and had advanced training you can get time with me instead of waiting for a hot seat. 

+Life Adventure Assessment 

Contact me today for Entrepreneur Coaching, I give everyone a free half-hour clarity call.

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