TaleScribe LLC, writing, marketing, and business coaching is in full swing.

At TaleScribe, I help people with great solutions find and attract people with problems. People with great solutions often struggle to win clients because they’re not expressing their solution effectively. I use my skills as a writer and marketer to help them express their solution at it’s maximum value, and target their ideal client.

It’s all about Vision and Value, so I also coach entrepreneurs who want to make money by offering a solution the world needs, but aren’t sure where to go from there. I am now a Certified Entrepreneur Coach through the 100X Academy. I’m very excited to offer Kingdom Entrepreneurs my help creating a game plan for launching their business and following through on their goals.

3 Ways I Serve You

Coaching: If you want help discovering the unique value you add by solving problems, I’d love to help you discover the unique problems you solve, and how to market that for maximum value.

Ghost Writing: If you have a book trapped inside you, I’m available to consult on your project, or if you prefer, I can write it for you. I have a proven strategic plan to get your book done.

Copy Writing: If you need help displaying your solution for maximum value, so you attract people who need your unique solution, I’m a trained and practiced copywriter with many happy clients.

Let’s Bring your Solution to Market.

Or to receive the latest information follow my blog:

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