Published Works

Coming Soon: Saber and Science (A Tenebra Triangle Novella set in the Paradisi Chronicles Universe). Please visit my page on the Paradisi Chronicles website for an immersive experience.

Novels (Fantasy)

Suffering_Rancor_eBook_CoverSuffering Rancor: Five hundred years ago, cannibal and Dark Lord Rancor draws power from those he kills. Only the genocide of all magic wielders by the suspicious Mundane Movement causes Rancor to vanish, heralding a dark age. Five centuries later, magic is the stuff of fairy tales… that is, until Rancor returns. Just two things stand between the Dark Lord and the destruction of all life— Princess Ambria of Kardoma and Greymar of the Swamp.

Available in print through these fine retailers:  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Create Space,
Available as an ebook through these fine retailers:  Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords,

Available as an audio book through these fine retailers: Amazon, Audible, iTunes,

Short Story Anthology

Cover Temp2

Diner Tales: What if Geoffrey Chaucer walked into a modern day 24 hour diner? What sort of characters would he meet? What sort of stories would they tell?

In Diner Tales, Bunch reboots Chaucer’s masterwork, capturing the “motley ensemble” of insomniacs who gather late at night in a diner to entertain each other with stories. Chaucer wrote for the masses and by moving his retreatment to the new world and the new era Bunch reclaimed the simple, often bawdy fun of the original from the shelf of stuffy academia.

Don’t let this easy-to-read set of tales deceive you. Bunch has studied history and literature in England, and regularly edits the Canterbury Tales page for Shelfari. By combining authentic flair with updated charm Diner Tales delivers the spectacle of story one entertaining instalment at a time.

Available in print through Amazon, and ebook through Kindle. Available in audio through Amazon, Audio, and iTunes.

Short Stories

Promises-Unfulfilled-Audio-Ebook-CoverPromises Unfulfilled is available electronically through Kindle and in audio through Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Monsters and Legends is available electronically through Kindle and in audio through Amazon, Audible aMonsters-Legends-Audio-Ebook-Covernd iTunes.

Dark Jin audio2

Dark Jin is available electronically through Kindle and in audio through Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Hole not thereHole Not There is available electronically through Kindle

Andy also has short stories in the 2012 and 2013 NIWA Anthologies Magic to Mayhem and Fiction in your Face.


Non-Fiction (Christian)


On Becoming a Man: Training the Warrior Within. Coauthored with prophet evangelist Janice Seney, this book explores ways of training your innermost being and living from our most authentic self.

Available in print, ebook, and audio (audible & iTunes).

Non-Fiction (Other)    Coming Soon!

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