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Below…a new way to write a book.

Welcome to my Work in Progress page. It’s time to reveal the title of my next published work. It’s another Christian non-fiction, like the book, “On Becoming a Man,” which I wrote with Janice Seeney of Storehouse Ministries. This will be the first book in a 4 part series diving deeper into the concepts of the Cleric Path.

Also New! My Approach to Publishing

I’m excited to be trying something a bit different with this book. I have already first drafted and received a ‘first edit’ by several trusted writer friends. The next step is to revise/redraft the book before getting a final copy edit. This time around, I’m going to rewrite the copy into this blog as I make my edits. When it’s complete I’ll compile and publish it formally, but in the meantime, it’s all here–available to my blog readers. If you join my mailing list I’ll give you a free ebook version of the book when it’s published.

The only thing it costs you to preview this draft for free is that you be my beta readers. If you see a typo or you want to comment and tell me how wrong I am–please do so. If you do help me in this way, I’ll include your name as a contributor/guest editor in the final published version. So Enjoy!

The Primacy of God

“People don’t need self-help, they need abundance.” – Andy Bunch


“You can’t have any improvements in your life until you understand that God is good and he’s on your side.” Mike Galeotti

If you’re anything like me, you’ve suffered extreme frustration trying to improve your position in life. Yet, it never feels quite right to give up and settle for whatever life hands you. Many well-meaning religious acquaintances have told me things like:

  • God is glorified in our suffering.
  • We shouldn’t seek vainglory.
  • You can do all things in Christ so count IT ALL as good
  • We work for Jesus so pretend your awful boss at the job you hate is Jesus and don’t try for a better life.

As H.D. Thoreau famously said, “The mass of men lead quiet lives of desperation.”

If that describes you, you’re not alone. We seem to live in a place of tension between trying (and failing) to achieve more for ourselves (and our families) and resigning ourselves to a place in life that just can’t be all there is.

I have good news, there is an answer.

I have good news, there is an answer. First, let me introduce myself so you know I’m one of you. My name is Andrew Bunch and I’m a middle-aged husband and father on the verge of something great. I’m not rich, I’m not athletic, I’m not young anymore. I get overwhelmed with busyness and don’t seem to get enough time with my friends, much less to pursue the calling on my heart.

So why would you invest your time listening to me? Because I’ve come out of slavery, I’ve been through the wilderness, and I’m about to lay hold of my Promised Land. This is the perfect time for me to stop and relate what I’ve learned and what you need to know to take the next steps in your journey. This is my story.

This Page is under construction. Each Chapter will be it’s own blog post which I’ll link to here.

Introduction (must read) – The Journey, The Paradox, The Promise

Chapter 1 – Foundation needed to move forward

Chapter 2 – The question is…Who is God trying to be for me?

Chapter 3 – How to receive what you need. (roots)

Chapter 4 – What constrains our ability to get breakthrough

Chapter 5 – Two reasons we doubt the heart of God

Chapter 6 – Healing our trust of God

Chapter 7 – Learning to hear God’s still, small voice

Chapter 8 – The first question of identity, Who is God trying to be for me in this season?

Chapter 9 – Ways to put God first

Chapter 10 – The key to the Promised Land…

Back Matter – (Contributor List, Mentor List, etc.)