I’ve divided this website into 3 different sections after my public-facing endeavors.

  • My fiction (SirBunch Author)
  • My non-fiction (SirBunch Cleric)
  • My freelance writing/coaching (TaleScribe)

They all share a theme because of my consistent, yet constantly evolving, approach to life.

My Current Project List (& Links):

NonFiction – The Primacy of God – April

Fiction – Dark and Derelict (Paradisi part 2) – July

Freelance – Digital Marketing Course – May

Link to the Latest Project Update

My Current Journey’s List (& Links):  2018

Journey’s are a different approach to life improvement than all the Goal Setting Gurus out there are preaching. It’s something I lay the groundwork for in my book, “The Primacy of God.” In the meantime, I’ve created two resources to better explain:


April – Rewrite Primacy into my blog
May – Start House Renovation


April – BCNW Retreat, April 26-29, (Link to BCNW)
May –

ORG (Growth & Success)/Learning

May – Evening & Morning daily organization
June – Read Book “The Five Choices” & write Summary for Blog

Health & Fitness

June – Balanced Health
July – Burpee Challenge & Daily Stretching

Wealth & Freelance

May –  Revise Blog
June – Upgrade Blog

Link to the Latest Journey Updates

What are Journeys? See below…

I define Journey as a mini-adventure to remove a constraint to the flow of good things from God through us to our unique audience.

For more definitions see this post from the Back Matter of my book “The Primacy of God.