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Next Project To Release: “Saber and Science” (Tenebra Triangle book 1) a SciFi Novella in the Paradisi Chronicles Universe. Coming this September!

Book Description: When someone shoots down the space elevator of a remote mining planet stranding survivors in the badlands, Constable James Paladini is given the only order he can’t obey, “do nothing!”

In this first scifi novel by seasoned fantasy writer, Andy R. Bunch, corruption is only half the battle. Prepare to encounter heart-pounding adventure on a planet as alien as they come. Please visit my book page on the Paradisi Chronicles website for in immersive experience of The Tenebra Triangle world.

Paradisi Chronicles Universe: Believing Earth is nearing it’s end, a group of wealthy families form a cooperative in order to find and colonize a new planet. When natural disasters and nuclear conflict hasten their plans to leave they cut corners and flee as fast as possible without answering every question about who can go, how they’ll survive, and even if they’ll be the only inhabitants when they arrive. Read more at Paradisi Chronicles Official Website

Short Bio of Andy R. Bunch: In the footsteps of Hemingway and London, Andy Bunch is an adventure writer. He has built a church in Mexico, sung for his supper in Canada, taught Archery in Alaska and studied British history in Great Britain. He’s trained in martial arts and once spent a week in the woods with only a knife, flint, and black-plastic.

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