This page will be growing a lot in the next few weeks. I wanted to start providing access to some of the great material out there, which my mentors and allies have created. They have even more material if you poke around but I’m going to link to things I’ve personally benefited from.

As always–please contact me if you need something in particular or think I’ve missed something. (Contact Page.)

Boot Camp NW – These guys are amazing (stay tuned for an update on my experiences at last weekends Boot Camp and the Western Family Ranch.) Here’s there sites resources page. 

Ransomed Heart Ministries – John Eldredge and his merry band of knuckleheads started this journey to redeem the masculine heart of God in his image bearers. The world will not be fixed until Christ returns, but all of nature yearns for humanity to learn who we really are.

Graham Cooke – The single most paradigm shifting voice in Christianity today. If you hunger to learn what’s outside the box like I do, Brilliant Bookhouse is the first place you need to check out.

Sam Williamson – Retired Pastor, and mentor to those of us looking to live out our passion, Beliefs of the Heart is a ministry you can’t skip over.

Bible Gateway – Is the best online bible study resource I’ve found. Like to compare translation to translation? This is the place.

I am Second – Short videos of faith journies told by the people they happened to–some you won’t expect.

Bill Jastrum – This semi-retired pastor has created a series of books (and audio) that cover the basics of Christianity that we all need to go back to. If we don’t have this foundational knowledge there’s no point in trying to move beyond.

Michael Q Pink – Is a Christian business coach with resources to help you build wealth without losing your soul.

More to come…