(Note: explaining ways I’ve tried to make this content more accessible.)

How to read this blog to get the most in the least time:

I’ll follow some consistent methods of communicating in the hopes that it becomes a shortcut to recalling the concepts if you need to reference back to something you’ve read in the past. For example…

1st) I’ll begin each page with (Note:  like the one above) which will lay out the points I mean to convey and/or other things I want to convey directly to the reader about the topic at hand.

2nd) I’ll include at the top is a list of links to help you navigate to and from related threads of this topic.

3rd) I’ll include a list links to posts that explain core concepts of each stage. The link text probably won’t make much sense unless you read the posts they refer to.

Now that you know the basics your ready to learn about the four stages of the Path:

The Four-Part Path:

The path is a four-part process we can learn sequentially. They are…
1) Spiritual Roots
2) Unique Trunk Identity
3) Healthy Branches
4) The Canopy of Wisdom & Wealth