The Need for Book Coaching

Most people want to write their own book, but they get stuck. Maybe it’s knowing where to start. Or, maybe they have something written but they’re not sure how to get it finished.

If this describes you, it can be so frustrating to have a book stuck in your head. It could be a nonfiction book that you need for your business or marketing. It could be the great American novel that’s never far from your thoughts no matter how busy you get with life.

I’ve written and published five books under my own name and ghost written another six books. I believe the answer to overcoming writers block, confusion, and lack of time is two things:

1) Having a plan, a proven system or approach to write swiftly
2) Having a guide to keep you moving toward your goals

In addition to my 20 years of writing/publishing experience I’m a certified coach with dozens of happy clients. If you want help getting your book written, contact me today for a free consultation.

The Need for a Ghost Writer

Lets face it, writing is harder than it looks. Most of us have been reading and writing since we were six years old. We feel like we ought to be able to do it…but the truth is, it’s not that simple.

If you have no intention of becoming “a writer,” but you do need to produce a book I can help you.

Business Books, and Lead Magnets

If you are a speaker or social media influencer, then you are leaving money on the table not having a book. Having a book simplifies the process of landing speaking gigs, its the fastest path to being recognized as an expert, and it creates revenue from back table sales.

Memoirs and Biographies

Or, maybe you want to capture a grandparents stories before they’re lost forever. I’ve written several memoirs. The process is more simple and affordable than your might think–especially when divided among several siblings.

Schedule a Free Consult Today!

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