The Need for Great Copy

Every week I meet Entrepreneurs with great solutions that aren’t selling or are under valued. Let’s face it, people read books for the cover and the title. They buy products because of the packaging. Your best customer may not be attracted to your product because you don’t want to appear “salesy.”

If you have the best solution you need to display it in a way that grabs the attention of your ideal customer. That’s problem #2. I see people with a great solution trying to solve a problem from someone who doesn’t know they have a problem. How do you get cold traffic to even know they need you?

The Solution

There are a number of techniques to get you in front of just the right buyer and quite a few that will get your potential client warmed up by helping them understand what they’ve been missing before they talk to you.

It’s not rocket science–it’s a marketing funnel with good copy. I specialize in helping you display your solution in a desirable manor and maximizing your potential buyers perceived value.

Want to know my secret sauce?

I get to know you and your solution intimately. Then we look at your value ladder and craft a journey for your potential buyer so that they know they need you before you talk to them.

One of the first keys to not being high pressure sales is letting people who don’t want what you’re selling opt out early. People don’t mind hearing about a sale of the product they’re about to buy coming on the radio, they hate sitting through ads about products they’d never buy.

Then I elevate your product in the buyers mind in two ways. First I make sure your customer is fully aware of their need and your ability to deliver. Then I use tools like perspective, context, design and experience to showcase your solution at maximum value.

Some of the ways I can apply my (secret sauce) copy writing:

I’m able to write website content, sales scripts, funnels, soap-opera email sequences, continuity emails, and short lead magnets based on your expertise.

Contact me for a free consultation on your project…

PS If you build funnels as an agency please ask about my B to B pricing.

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