Have you ever heard the saying that favor isn’t fair?

The reason that’s a saying is because when there is favor on someones life…
It just seems like good things always happen for them…
Things go their way…they get all the “lucky” breaks…

Pedro Adao says, “In my experience if you want to prosper in life and in business, you’re going to need to find favor with God and Man.”

Who is Padro Adao?
He’s the Marketer and Businessman who went from having no real social media following, and a tiny email list to creating a seven figure business, putting on live events with 700 attendees, winning a 2 Comma Club Award, and winning the Stage to Scale annual launch–all in only 18 months.

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Pedro Adao
Best Selling Author
2 Comma Club Winner

The wise man works his own land, and a fool chases fantasies. Proverbs 28:19

Gal. 5:1

I bet you’re wondering what the catch is?

No catch! The cost is $17.

If you are seeing this page you were probably invited by me, Andy Bunch, or someone who personally knows me.

Did you know that you can focus on the value you bring to every situation, in alignment with your design, and that money will follow value.

I’m free from my life of chasing money to meet my own needs while pretending I wasn’t money motivated.

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I know I’ve had several times in my life when something cool was about to happen sometimes I took a leap, sometimes I didn’t. I’ve never regretted taking a leap. It always works out to my good. My contact info is on this website, however if you navigate away from this page it will be difficult to get back here as I’ve not had time to ad this page to any menus. Whatever you decide, I wish you well.