Before After
Left-Me at 250lbs, Right-Me at 290lbs


(Note: My heaviest weight was 370lbs and my lightest so far is 285lbs. This page is part of my Path of the Postmodern Cleric, which you can learn more about at this link.)


I’m going to share what I’m doing to radically improve my energy level, reduce body ache, and lose unwanted pounds below, but first…a brief orientation and introduction.

If you’ve landed on this page you followed a link to a page on my blog about having a more abundant life. This page focuses on physical health, specifically eating. I’m simply sharing my journey–what I’ve personally tried, what works/what doesn’t.

I need to start with a little about me disclaimers and disclosers. I’m Andy Bunch, Adventure Writer, I love God, my family and the United States of America. I’m not a doctor, nutritionist, or personal trainer. I have adventures with God, process them for personal wisdom and share them on my blog so that, whether I won or lost, others may benefit.

When I discover something of value I blog my experience with it and post an affiliate link so that if you try it I make money from it. I don’t recommend things just for the money or post things that didn’t work for me.

I created this page to stand alone on the topic of diet and nutrition.

My plan for 2018-started January 1st

The Chinese have long believed that the gut was the core of health & the immune system. I decided to look into the research on gut health and found it startling. I will try not to get too technical and provide quick notes of the pertinent items.

Eliminate List:

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup. (found in bread/pop/sauces/etc.)
  •  Chemicals: GMOs, MSG, artificial sweeteners, olean/olestra cooking oil,
  • Milk/sour cream/cream cheese/yogurt/creamer/etc/

Limit List:

  • Gluten
  • Sugar & Carbs (sub honey & fruit)
  • Cheese (only European Butter)

Habits to Change:

  • Combat overeating by slowing down, eating slower, chewing more and enjoying each bite.
  • Combat Candida Yeast by avoiding antibiotics & sugar. Take probiotics.
  • Combat cravings by eating more healthy fats like avocado, salmon & tree nuts
  • Intermittent fasting (reduce calories a couple days a week by skipping breakfast)
  • Still wanting to find a good source of fermented foods

Add list:

  • Multivitamin to combat lack of nutrients in my diet
  • Digestive enzymes (amylase, bromelain, lipase)
  • Increase fibre by eating rye bread, veggies (50% of each meal), pears,
  • EGCG from green tea extract to boost metabolism before working out
  • Turmeric and cinnamon capsules to regulate blood sugar/insulin

My supplement regiment:

I make my own turmeric and cinnamon capsules, bought the machine at health food store and I buy the spices in the bulk section of the grocery store. I’ve not discovered any over the counter pill that’s as effective and my solution is way cheaper.

I found all the other vitamins, digestive enzymes, probiotics, etc. in one place. Not cheap but it’s foolproof and powerful. Supplements are either fat soluble or water soluble, some are better taken on an empty stomach. This supplier already optimises for that and the best time to take each thing.

You take two capsules first thing in the morning and 20 minutes later you drink a shake. I mix mine into almond milk, but you could use water. Tastes great and it’s made a huge improvement in my life.

You can find out more and order the product here.

I used to feel like I’d played football with no padding–when I woke up in the morning. With Thrive, it’s like someone gave me protective gear and cleats. I still have to do the work, but it’s easier to do because I’m not as beat up and I can see the potential to achieve better results. Its more fun to run when you can feel the wind in your face.

Before thrive—I was not a morning person, I had winter depression, high blood pressure, was very overweight, my back ached every morning, I didn’t have the energy to do physical things all day.

Since starting thrive—I have lost weight, I get up at 5 AM most days, I work out for 10 minutes 5 out of 7 days, I get up every 90 minutes during the work day and walk laps around the building to clear my head, I have had days when I carried 14 loads of boxes up and down stairs and could still move the next day, and I don’t wake up with a sore spine.

Bonus Material:

I want this page to focus mainly on eating but here’s a quick look at the simple workout I did while losing the weight. I’m a big fan of starting small and idiot proofing things so I have no excuses.

Home 5 x 20  (which started as a 4×10 or grow into a 5×50 someday)

1 rep of 20 each, sit-ups, counter push-ups, toe touches, deep knee bends, back kicks

How I do it–I do the situps before I get out of bed, then hit the bathroom for the rest before my shower.

This is my no excuses bodyweight workout that I started when I couldn’t afford the gym and I do it now on days the two days a week I won’t have time to go to the gym. I actually prefer it to the lifting I do there.