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I know, I know, I know…
You’re probably already sick of hearing about 2020…
But the fact remains in just a few days from now we begin a new year–and a new decade…
And if you’re anything like me…
You want to see and experience even more of God’s goodness, favor, and prosperity…
all while making a massive impact for the Kingdom.
If that’s the desire of your heart then I want to invite you to what I believe will be one of the most talked about online Kingdom event of 2020…
The 31 Day Wisdom Challenge!!!

I’m so excited about this challenge that I’m going to take it with you!
My name is Andy Bunch, and chances are you haven’t heard of me. That’s suits me fine–#notfamous. I’m passionate about living wisely. I’m 48 and no more rich than I am famous, but I’ve learned that God is generous with those who pursue Him and his ways. When I run into an event like this one I’m all in, and I want to do it with a group of like minded people.

So I’m creating my own offer to go along with the challenge, here’s what you get…
* Join me on my private Facebook group, Project Wisdom, where I’ll go live daily with feedback, post my notes, and answer any questions you may have. This allows us to take this challenge as a team.
* I’ll send you email recaps so you can stay current if you miss a day.
* Plus special bonuses that I’ll get to a little later

First, let me tell you more about the host of this challenge. I’m sure you’ll see why I’m so excited.

“Pedro Has A Remarkable Anointing For Merging Entrepreneurship With Revival Culture.”

– Lance Wallnau

Pedro Adao
Best Selling Author

Join your host Pedro Adao, Founder of the 100X Academy for a daily journey through the Book of Proverbs, as captured in The Passion Translation, starting Jan 1, 2020…

Pedro will be joined on Day 1 with none other than the creator of The Passion Translation himself, Dr. Brian Simmons.

In the days that follow guests will include well known names from both the spiritual world and the marketplace…

Confirmed guests so far…

Kris Vallotton, Bethel Church and Founder of The School of the Prophets
Pete Vargas, Founder of Advance Your Reach, The #1 Speaker Training Company In The Unites States
Jennifer Allwood, Influencer, Author, and Entrepreneur
Doug Addison, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, and A Trusted Prophetic Voice
Dan McCollam, Founder Of Prophetic Company and Author of God Vibrations
Keith Ferrante, Founder of Emerging Prophets and Prophetic Trainer 
Dr. Dave Martin, Author and Renowned Speaker
Will Hart, CEO of Iris Global 
Jim Baker, Author of When Heaven Invades Your Finances
Ray Edwards, Master Copywriter
Joel Marion, Successful Entrepreneur, The King of email Marketing, and creator of the top ranked Born To Impact Podcast
Andy Mason, Founder of Bethel’s Heaven In Business Program

Each of them sharing powerful testimony and revelation from their personal study and application of the Book Of Proverbs.

Wisdom is the most valuable commodity-so buy it!Revelation knowledge is what you need-so invest in it!

Proverbs 4:7 The Passion Translation

Obviously, this is a time-sensitive invitation, as Day 1 of this challenge we will be starting Jan 1st so tap this button and enter your name and email on the next page.

You’ll receive an email with your confirmation and link to the challenge sign up. The challenge will cost $31 so don’t be surprised. I’m not charging you anything, (that’s just the price) but I am going to include some amazing bonuses out of pocket. Details right after I provide some testimonials from people who’ve benefited from some of Pedro’s other challenges.

100X Academy

Over $300 in Bonuses!

A deluxe journal to record your notes on the challenge.

Free when you join!

Most valuable bonus! Two coaching session with me.
Total value is now over $300, for $31.

This Christian inspirational by A.R. Bunch and Janice Seeney will teach you a Biblical technique for finding and eliminating roadblocks.

Guys, by the time this challenge ends I’ll be a certified business coach (already certified life purpose coach), charging $150/hr for specialized breakthrough help.

Be one of the first 5 to sign up and I’ll include two hours of my time to identify your biggest roadblock to success at work or at home. The next 5 will receive one session. Everyone else gets a free 15 minute phone consult.

If you hunger for increased wisdom and kingdom revelation…
and are committed to 2020 being a year of favor, prosperity, and breakthrough…
then, lets do this 31 Day Wisdom Challenge together.