Day 5 (of 63): Details on Health-Diet

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Welcome Back

If you are new to this blog feel free to click back to the beginning to see where it all begins. I’ll keep the intro & recap short as today is another smoking busy day, LOL.

Quick Recap

My goals/priorities this season–addressed in one project (One Big Thing), include
– Losing weight & getting younger, (soon auditioning new diet/exercise plans).
– Bed by 9:30 PM & getting up at 5AM every weekday and spending time with God (which includes writing this blog).
– Launching the coaching arm of my writing/coaching business, and faithfully stewarding opportunities with my church.
– Remodeling a new home so that we can start living multi-generational with my mom.

Health Plan (Part 3)

As promised, details of my current health plan. I want to ad a big disclaimer here. This is the plan I made for me and the thinking behind my plan. Don’t do things with your health unless you consult a doctor first.

Diets! I’ve tried most of them and in future posts I will highlight the best and worst in my experience, based on effectiveness and difficulty. Most diet’s fall into one of four categories, based on their focus. Before choosing which diet to do, I recommend reading “Think and Eat Yourself Smart,” by Dr. Carolyn Leaf. She lays out the foundational thinking changes that will make almost any diet work–well without which no diet will work. After that it’s more about finding a diet that fits your temperament than finding the “right” diet. the “right” diet is the one that you can do.

Category 1 diets I call “Elimination diets” which focus on avoiding foods that you’re sensitive to or that may not be compatible with your blood type. There’s a lot of science behind this method and many version of them get results. They can also be simple to stick to because you have a list of what you can and can’t eat and there isn’t much you can so it’s hard, but not complicated.

Category 2 diets I call “Control diets” which focus on how much you eat more than what, although they still care about what you don’t eat. These diets can also be effective, but they require a lot of self discipline and they are complicated. It might sound like I’m being critical but weight watchers is a Control Diet and is one of the longest running weight loss systems out there and there’s probably a reason (probably the support groups is the reason).

Category 3 Diets I call “Fasting,” which could be thought of an extreme form of Category #1 or #2. Fasting has been scientifically shown as beneficial in many ways, including benefits to insulin issues, as well as the obvious–weight loss. It’s also biblical in that Easter, Danial and Jesus all fasted in extreme fashion, and Paul spoke of it in combination with prayer as a tool of focus. (Note that two of the four people who fasted for 40 days went directly to heaven without dying.) The recent fad of intermittent fasting has had great results and the benefit I like personally is that it shrinks you stomach, adjusts your taste buds and fast starts other methods of dieting. Intermittent fasting (iFast) requires discipline but its the simplest (and cheapest) of all diets. I still recommend reading a book and consulting a doctor before doing it as it’s a pretty big step. (Danial Fast is probably the one I’d recommend).

Category #4 Diets I call “Supplement Diets,” which focus on adding nutrients not found in modern foods. This is where Dr. Leaf’s book is key. She makes the case for “eating clean” among other things. What’s unique about her argument, is that it comes from a balance of science AND faith, which often make for strange bed fellows, but work in this case. I rate Supplement Diets generally more complicated than difficult. You need to research what’s missing and which source of it is truly a good source. Or just trust the MLM/network marketing company that is hawking it. (If I sound cynical I’m not–I think most of them have great products.)

Category 4 diets are best when combined with one of the other diets as you can seldom rely on adding vitamins, stimulants (and mainly pro-biotics) to your old habits and get good results. I favor a combo of these diets across the board. It’s a lot of work up front making a plan, and it can add expense to diets that are naturally cheap, ad time to diets that would be fast and easy, and ad discipline to diets that don’t have to be, but the key is finding what works for you. If you try for three months to lose 30lbs and you only succeed in losing 10lbs it’s still better than gaining 10lbs, which is easy to do if you aren’t doing anything.

Tomorrow’s post will detail the plan I made for this season based on all this research and study.


Slept in to 6:30 AM this morning. Which doesn’t trouble me the way it did yesterday, because my wife took today off work to start painting, so this is more a remodel focus day than a normal weekday. Ironically, I have a bunch of writing work to catch up on, so…

My weight was down to 297 this morning–awesome–I knew yesterday was a fluke. (I weighed-in at a different time, but even if that wasn’t the case many times when dieting you’ll plateau, or even bump up by retaining water or something, for a day. We shouldn’t stress too much about that. In fact, I usually try to only weigh-in every three days to have more of an even average. I only started weighing every day because when I did Optivia last time because it’s such a fast drop, and this time because I’m blogging this every day.)

My wife left her car keys at the new house last night so we had some panic this morning trying to get my daughter to school. Then it took some time to retrieve things. It ended up with a delay, but in truth I got some reno project management things ironed out so I feel like we’re on track over all. We are both pretty worn out from this week and plan to keep our regularly scheduled pizza/movie night with Olivia (daughter). We need to stay fresh and give Olivia some familiar traditions during this process.

One last, quick rant–what the heck is with light bulbs. We’re replacing every bulb in the new house because they’re like 40 watt candles. I like to see what I’m doing and the bulbs you get these days in America are terrible. You can’t see, they don’t really last longer, and they create an environmental mess when you throw them out. That is such an example of modern environmentalism to me. If you disagree please comment on this blog post, or if you agree. And if you know where I can get some black market incandescent bulbs let me know…

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