Day 7 (of 63): The Week Ahead


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For those who followed my previous crazy journey’s, here’s the post the Friday before I started this one, which puts it in the context of this blog as a whole: Christian Influence Peddling.

Welcome Back

Well it’s Sunday or should I say Monday. I couldn’t get this cleaned up in time to hit publish yesterday. I meant to lay out my plans for the upcoming week and I’d written that much so I’ll throw that on and move onto day 8. Let’s dive into my plans for week 2.

Goal Recap

My goals/priorities this season–addressed in one project (One Big Thing), include
– Losing weight & getting younger, (soon auditioning new diet/exercise plans).
– Bed by 9:30 PM & getting up at 5 AM every weekday and spending time with God (which includes writing this blog).
– Launching the coaching arm of my writing/coaching business, and faithfully stewarding opportunities with my church.
– Remodeling a new home so that we can start living multi-generational with my mom.


Saturday was an awesome painting party. My friends showed up and really helped us move the project along. Here are some pictures of the progress.

Dining Room Before and During Remodel

The Week Ahead

Aside from the new health plan, which I’ll detail below, most of the plans for this week are about the house reno.

The HVAC guys and concrete guys start work on Monday. My carpenter flies in Monday and will start Tuesday. I still don’t have a start date for the plumber, and I haven’t found the roofer or the exterior painter.

I have a day/time, location and committed participants for the grief recovery class but not quite sure which could mean Monday it’s starting. Maybe this today, that would be something wouldn’t it. AAAAHHH!


The blog so far has focused on very tactical things–the soul and body lever of being. I’m going to shift this week and talk about the Spirit level more. For more details on the levels to a human you can read my book “On Becoming a Man.”

Level 4 Environment: We can impact our environment but we don’t control it. We often spend a lot of time trying to control it, but we can’t. We have authority as restored beings through Christ, to impact that world–what Genesis calls “Fierce Mastery,” but the free will of others also has authority. God himself established man’s authority on Earth and He doesn’t violate His own command.

Level 3 Body: We do have a lot of control over our bodies. It’s a level where we interact with the world around us. We control our actions and reactions. Our bodies suffer age, illness, and injury, but we don’t have to give into all the effects. Joshua claimed in his 80’s that he was as strong as he had been in his 40’s. Was he simply bragging? I’d like to think he wasn’t.

Level 2 Soul: Our Mind, Emotions, and Will. Our personality and perspective live here. I often call it the battlefield of the soul, or the wilderness of the soul. I’m not being dramatic. This is the place of deeper clash between the outside forces trying to define us and the inside forces of true identity. We have near total control here in Christ if we choose to engage with it. This is the place the scriptures mean when they speak of the renewing of the mind. But it’s not the deepest, truest part of our being.

Level 1 Spirit: This is the place of our true identity. Before the God set the world in motion He dreamed up who we would be, uniquely. When Christ died in our place, he restored us to that intimate walk with God. He made a way for God’s original vision to come to pass. We were Spiritually dead and then we became Spiritually reborn. Our spirit is like an infant and the Spirit of God comes to dwell with us in our hearts–the thrown room of our lives. Our spirit carries the authority God intended for our lives, but we don’t know how to rule so the Spirit of God acts as an advisor, and teacher. Together we can carry out God’s plans on Earth. Binding and losing what is in heaven and on Earth.

The effective human existence on Earth is only possible when a redeemed person lives from inside out. That’s one part of three keys to reigning as a son/daughter of God in this life. I have so much more to say on this topic but I’m out of time. More later today in Monday’s official post…

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