Day 11 (of 63): Inside Out


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Welcome Back/ Update

Welcome to Thursday, Woke at 5:48 late but better rested. Got up at 6AM weighed in at 299 lbs. Yes that’s concerting. I have had to grab lunch out the last couple days to save time and talk over the project with stake holders (family) and my contractor (friend who knows what he’s doing.) From the moment I woke I was thinking about things I need to accomplish today, but it was God prompting so I didn’t feel disconnected or distractred. I love working with God, especially when He’s “on topic.” Have you ever had those times when God seemed to be pulling you in an entirely different direction? That drives me nuts, which is why I try to really make time for God each morning before diving into the day–less whiplash when He is suddenly taking me in a new direction.

Reno project Update is simply that things are on pace. Don’t get me wrong–that’s a miracle. I love my subs. The HVAC guys at Precision Mechanical are amazing (prompt, courteous, & easy to work with). Summit plumbing is also fanstastic. They’re working easily around the HVAC crew. I just need to get an electrician started. That’s one of the things God put in my mind first thing.

The weather has been amazing. I hope it stays.

Today I need to shift gears around noon. I promised a friend/colleague I’d jump on her writing challenge and help out on the fiction side. And I’ve been neglecting the writing business a little. I need to catch up on that and other laptop work. Kristin is taking today and tomorrow off the day job to focus on the house so…this is a good day to start splitting my days. I want to hopefully do the house reno in the mornings and my day job in the afternoons–at least today and tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

About the Spirit

Imagine an archery target. (I love Archery BTW). Each color represents a different level to your being. Gold in the middle is your Heart/thrown room of your life. It’s inhabited by your God’s Holy Spirit and your spirit and it’s where your true character lives. The red ring represents your soul where your mind, will, and emotions live. It’s the level of your personality.

The blue ring is you physical body. It’s how you interact with the world. And the Black ring is your immediate environment. The white ring is the world outside your control. Things can happen out in the white ring that impact you but most of what impacts you is in the black and blue ring, (color pun intended) and that’s most of what you can impact.

Now imagine it with lines coming out from the center dividing it like pizza slices. The tip of the slice is in the gold and the crust is out in the black. If you make a change, say you trim off a bit along the side of the pizza slice to cut it in half, the further you travel from the tip, the larger the impact. Changes made at a deep level will have a more profound effect on you than changes made at the surface.

As a spiritually dead person there is a lump of scar tissue between your heart and your soul. The way the world works, change happens at the surface and travels in. Before you were reborn, stimuli traveled in through the soul and hits the wall of flesh around your heart and then the response comes back from the scar tissue of your experience. Now that you’re alive, you’re able to have the Spirit of God respond to what’s happening in your life.

Better yet, you can live from inside out and unleash the wisdom and Kingdom of God on whatever circumstances you encounter. This is some of the realization I’ve been walking in for the last couple years. I recommend studying Dr. Miles Monroe about the Kingdom of God for more info. But the gist of my coaching is life purpose, which flows out of understanding the Kingdom your in and who you are in it.

I look forward being moved into my new house and ready to launch coaching full swing.

Quick Recap of this Blog Series

I’m a writer (fiction/non-fiction/copy) who’s turning 50 in June. When I have a season of big changes to adapt to and big projects to take on, I like to combine it all into a plan I call a journey. I’m calling this journey Spring 2021: Cleric Journey – (It includes such things as turning 50, remodeling a house, expanding my writing business to include entrepreneur & life purpose coaching). I typically journal me progress, big wins/big flops, but this time I’m blogging it so I can…

  • Inspire or help some folks facing similar life situations.
  • Share tips I’ve learned or that people suggest to me that I decided to try out.
  • Stay committed to progress by stating to all my readers what I’m doing and if it’s working or not.
  • Eventually turn it into a written resource for the Creative Christian Entrepreneurs I coach.

Note: The thinking behind journeys is this. When facing busy seasons in life, we need to impose some routine on life, and be flexible other places. We need to decide what our life is about, that authentic to us, and not lose site of that while taking on those big projects of crazy seasons that happen to all of us in life.

Goal Recap

My goals/priorities this season–addressed in one project (One Big Thing), include
– Losing weight & getting younger, (soon auditioning new diet/exercise plans).
– Bed by 9:30 PM & getting up at 5 AM every weekday and spending time with God (which includes writing this blog).
– Launching the coaching arm of my writing/coaching business, and faithfully stewarding opportunities with my church.
– Remodeling a new home so that we can start living multi-generational with my mom.

Reno Pics This Week

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