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Andy R. Bunch

Welcome to SirBunch Blog. As I mentioned in my recent post “My Current Journey, Q3, 2022”  I’m going to do two basic types of post:
A) life updates about my health journey and
B) success posts around topics where I’ve personally researched/studied or had breakthroughs in living life more fully and wisely. 

What’s happening with this blog: 

My goal for SirBunch Blog – I’m looking for Christian writers and wisdom seekers. I want to audition new ways to live healthy, wealthy, efficiently and in positive relationships with God and other people. 

I’ve had a lot of breakthrough in many of these areas and in others there is room for improvement. I hope by reading this blog you won’t have to make all the mistakes I made to learn what I’ve been able to learn. I hope you grow closer to God as I consider him the source of every good thing you need in your life. 

Types of Blog Post Content

  1. This blog will review books and online programs aimed at areas like success, finances/investing, time management, health, spiritual growth, and the like. 
  2. I’ll also line out my own ideas, often based on combining what I’ve learned from those resources in the past or my own experiences. 
  3. The third and final stream of information will be these life updates, which allow you a window into what I’m taking on in this season. My hope is that by following along with how I’m living life right now you can watch how these theories play out in the real world. It’s messy, not tied up in a nice bow like the other types of posts. 

What’s happening with my health:

I just restarted Thrive by Level. I tried this product a couple of times in the past and I recall it working pretty well at aiding energy, digestion, relieving aches, and losing weight. This is my birthday season so I started it Saturday 6/11/22 and immediately left town for some time away with my wife. I didn’t get an opening “before” weight or measurements, but I’ll assume it’s 290lbs. I recently lost 25lbs using Optivia and regained it the month after I stopped (which I’ll post about in the future when I likely try it again.)

After 10 days back on Thrive I weighed 294lbs which likely reflects all the bad eating I’ve done for my birthday. The next day (day 11) I weighed 293.4 lbs. I do believe if I’m watching what I eat even in addition to Thrive I can lose between 2 and 3 lbs a week. I’m out of the habit of eating well, but I feel great–energetic. Thrive is good at helping digestion, removing body aches, promotes feelings of relaxation and energy. (Those are my experiences with the products.)

How you do it: 

Thrive works by taking their water soluble vitamins first thing in the morning and then drinking a shake made from their fat soluble vitamins 20 minutes later. 

They also have a patch that is supposed to make the effects last throughout the day. I’ve used the patch in the past and sometimes found it helpful, other times not noticed a difference. I’m re-auditioning Thrive right now to shake up my routine because I need to restart something.

Okay here’s the scoop about Optivia…

I lost a lot of weight with Optivia. But I feel like a lot of it was muscle not fat. I decided to rejoin a gym with a friend of mine and really loved it, but was horrified to find out how much muscle I’d lost. I also discovered that I can’t work out on the amount of calories I’m allowed to consume on that plan. 

So I went off the plan, which saved me money I could use to pay for the gym. However, I quickly put on the 25lbs I lost. So…I decided to restart Thrive, which let me spend, gym & Thrive combined, about what I’d spent on Optivia. 

That leads me to need to decide what I’m going to do for healthy eating outside of nutritional supplements. That’s a work in progress I hope to get back to this week. 

Update: This season I’ll be focused on Increasing H2O to right size my appetite, reducing carbs, not eating out as much, and since my wife is avoiding gluten I’ll be eating that way on our combined meals. Other than that it’s about Thrive and Working out 2 to 3 times a week. 

What’s happening with my house remodel? 

If you’ve followed this bog in the past you probably know that my wife and I are serial home remodelers. It’s not a healthy passion I encourage anyone to get into. Please do as I say, not as I do in this one area. It takes tremendous energy to constantly learn new home carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc. skills. And it’s more expensive than a cocaine habit. 

However, my wife has great taste and I’ve learned a few things that did save me money (over having someone else do it, not over just leaving the house as is). 

So…we’re back at it. We moved my daughters room to my wife’s office (which was my office originally), then my office to my daughters room, and my wife’s office to the dining room. The family room, (which was also at one time my office) has become the new dining room. If you can’t follow that just picture rotating heavy things all over, including up and down stairs, over and over and over, while spending money at home depot like it’s water in the desert sun. 

Last week I began the bookshelf wall for my wife’s office. We have plans every weekend for the next…well for the rest of the summer so I’ll be working every day after 4pm when I get off work. 

Don’t try this at home. Just save yourself. Don’t do it. 

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