Christian Self Motivation

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We don’t do anything unless our hearts and minds agree. 

On this topic, there are two types of internal conversations between heart and mind – ones initiated by the mind and ones initiated by the heart. 

Following the tree metaphor of life outlined in other posts, we get energy to grow from our roots (inside) and from our leaves (outside). The source is always God, the only question is, how are we receiving it. Whether a friend buys you lunch or you find a winning lotto ticket, it’s external provision. If God gives you an idea, or a talent and you use it to create massive value which attracts wealth, that’s an example of internal provision. (man does not live by bread alone). 

Mind to Heart Conversation

A fact is observed. The fact is neutral. Like tools (money/power/etc.) they aren’t innately good or bad. It’s who has them and how they use them. However, facts tend to be both good and bad. Like two sides to a coin. The observer (frames) or tags them as good or bad. Our attitude/lens/ etc. causes the fact to stimulate a belief, either Faith or Doubt.

Faith is the belief that I’ll get a desired outcome. Doubt is the belief that I will get an undesirable outcome. 

When the mind initiates the conversation the heart responds with Anticipation or Anxiety based on whether the fact has been framed by faith or doubt. 

Heart to Mind Conversation

God wrote desires in your heart. He gave you talents and authority. Your design doesn’t depend on whether or not you’ve been saved. Anyone can look at their design and see signs of their purpose. 

Your heart is also your place of connection to the Father. The Father is inviting sons to have experiences with him that will reveal their purpose. 

So when the heart brings up a topic the mind asks, “how are we going to do this?” We often lack the 10,000 hours of training and practice that would enable us to accomplish our hearts desires. 

Experiential Learning

How we frame things tends to come from our lens/mindset. The heart always asks, “why are we doing this?” So the mind must answer based on experience. New age would have you believe you can reprogram your lens through will power. The truth is you need new experiences. 

Sources of new experience include actually having the same circumstance result in better results. This requires faith in who God is and who he says you are.

Story is a powerful tool, because it exposes our heart to an experience outside our own. It introduces the possibility of a different outcome. 

We must also take apart our own personal stories because we’ve often filtered an experience through a negative lens and recorded only the negative. While examining our stories we have the opportunity take action to redeem these events, nullify their impact on our current story and see positive aspects that were repressed by the title “negative experience.”

So the answer is…

Graham Cooke is famous for saying, “If all of your thinking has brought you to a place that you do not like, it’s time to have another thought!”

It’s a bit obvious, that if you keep doing what you have always done you’ll get the same results, but it seldom gets applied to motivation and growth. Here, with the context we’ve laid out in three posts, this becomes a ninja shortcut.

If your will is locked inside a set of thoughts and feelings, then every effort to heal and expand your thoughts and heal your feelings will result in more abundant life. This is why we must surrender our will to God, because he’s got a better lens. His thoughts are brilliant. We must subject each area of our life to someone who’s experiences empower us to do what we would not do based on our experiences.

Then go out and seek to replace your experiences. God is always handing you opportunities to move in the opposite of what your circumstances declare. If you’re stressed, it’s an invitation to receive from God, the opposite of stress. Imagine the positive that is the reverse of your negative circumstance and focus on that until it uproots the negative.

Apply hope to your troubles and you can persevere, persevering builds character. It allows you to grow in Knowledge (relationship with the source of wisdom) and Grace (the person Jesus Christ).

Graham Cooke would say, what is God teaching me that he can’t teach through any other circumstances. It often comes down to how we view God and how we think he views us. These are disciplines that will take time. I invite your to contact me and we can talk about your next steps.

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