Day 5 (of 63) 2021 Transition Season: Supplemental on Diet & Schedule

Welcome Back

I’m coming to you with a Friday bonus. I’m dropping new content on Tues/Thurs. Those will be updates on the journey, plus some additional details as they arise. I’ll publish bonus times periodically. I have a few types of bonus planned. I’ll be launching a line of PDF’s that are my own version of spark notes, or cliff notes, on the nonfiction books I read. I call them Indie Andy Guides. They’re free to subscribers as a bonus and I’ll be drafting them directly to the blog as I go through each book.

Today’s bonus is a clarification and recent revelation about this seasons journey. Earlier this summer I heard God say that He was making me whole as I’m faithful to show up as me. Today I really caught some new understanding about what that means and it relates to the season I’m in. So this is a good opportunity to go into a little more detail on my long term projects/goals: Health and Schedule.

Personal Revival

If we are to partner with God in national revival, the foundation must be personal revival. That’s one big reason why I’m declaring a journey and unifying both my business growth goals and my personal life goals (including spiritual goals) into one fluid project. I’m igniting personal revival through declaring who the Lord is being for me in this season and who He says I am in this season.

It’s important to realize a few key elements in my statement about personal revival.

One is that we need to show up authentically. The closer we grow to God the better we understand and appreciate our design and destiny. God isn’t asking us to change into someone else in order to lay hold of our destiny, He’s refining the flesh-weakness out of us so we can inherit what He set aside for us. So seeking intimacy with God is step one.

Receiving what He says and does is step two. its going to take faith. It takes declaring God is right even when our feelings get cloudy or fear rises up. He is good and it will work out.

Side Note: If this new season seems 80% the same as the last season (it’s really more like 70% the same) it’s because I’m the same person as and it’s only been a few months. To me this feels so much more clear in many areas than last time. I was going for a ready, fire, aim strategy last time, because I have a tendency to over plan. It did get me moving and though I have more clarity this season, I’m still pushing my comfort zone to blog this while it’s happening.

Another aspect of the personal revival statement that’s important is that it incorporates business, spiritual, and personal goals. It’s been said by many entrepreneurs, business is personal and personal is business. If they take the time to think about it, no one believes that a person who makes a million dollars and loses their marriage is successful. As Christians we have verse about it. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul. Perhaps that’s why so many of us struggle with the idea that God is heavily involved in every aspect of our lives–including our money.

Oh now I opened a can of worms! I said it, I meant it. I could, and might, write an entire post about God and money, but for now I’ll reference Jim Baker (the other Jim Baker). There is a difference between building wealth and mammon. Or as another of my mentors, Pedro Adao, puts it, “money isn’t everything, but it’s not nothing either.”

Christ lost everything on the Cross. He withheld nothing, even his dignity. To me that indicates that everything of mine belongs to him…even my money. Now, I could try to make this more palatable by saying income. It’s true that way too, but I want to confront what many people quietly believe, that money is evil therefore poverty is holy. That’s false, as is the belief that have a lot of money means you’re spiritually healthy.

Having a lot of money means this–God has blessed you somewhere and you are stewarding it well.

Most people don’t struggle with this concept when it comes to health. These days we don’t look down on someone who gets cancer and think, the must have angered God. But when Jesus walked the earth they did.

So if God takes an interest in your income, and showing up authentically is a key to personal revival then it’s a quick leap to say that God wants to be a part of every area of your life. He’s revealing who you are, uniquely, in each area of your life. Therefore I make my journey plans holistically. I intentionally touch every area since each area touches each other.

Creating My Journeys

As I mentioned before, God’s idea of good for us uniquely can be found by asking two questions (which I shamelessly stole from Graham Cooke):
1) who is God being for me in this season?
2) Who does God say that I am (now and historically)?

If you struggle with those questions a great way to expose limiting beliefs is to asking:
3) who do I say God is?

Sitting with these questions, periodically, never fails to reveal what season I’m in and often where I’m at in the season. Lets dig into more about my long projects this season (it’s really exciting).

This Season’s Long Projects: Health & Schedule

Schedule is one component of my ORGSys that is foundational to all other areas. It’s hard to eat consistently when you don’t get up or go to bed consistently. I need to choose a time that allows me to accomplish my work and my personal projects (like this blog), so I try to get up early.

Mornings are a good time to focus with limited interruptions in my experience. That’s it. I’m not a morning person, I just find that afternoons are chaos and evenings are made for winding down if I’m to get good sleep.

I decided to create a block of time called “Cleric” for all my worship/Organizing/journaling etc. I also needed to get ready for the day (shower and such) and I had to get a handle on what I would try to accomplish that day. All that seemed to be in one bucket so I made it happen first thing. I also needed to start work at a reasonable time, but I did decide I would put boundaries on my work life, so I do my best to keep it within a 6 hour window. But that’s straight up work. Very focused. I don’t have a water cooler so I still get more done most days than a typical worker doing an 8 hour day.

So I did a lot of math and decided to get up at 5 AM. Which didn’t work at all. I used to get up at 5 when my wife had a job in Portland, but I got out of the habit and it’s never fully come back. I do have some success getting up at 5:30 and that’s what I’m working my way back to.


Given the theme at the start of this post, I must admit that Cleric is me being authentic to me. I believe we all have a superhero identity. We have the broken way we used to live and we have our superhero identity in the future. I will do a whole post on this eventually (or perhaps a book).

A Cleric, to me, is a Writer, a Priest, and a Warrior. I’m more effective if I view my activities through an epic lens. I’ve been aware of this for quite a while, but I only recently realized that I need to up my imagination use in my life journeys.

It came about because my wife actually hates the idea of a diet. She can wake up one day and decide I’m not eating carbs for a month. That’s her super power. She is more authentic when she doesn’t tell anyone she’s, “on a diet.” She and I need to change our eating habits together to be successful, but we need a little different approach. I have to plan. I have to prep. Changing my eating is a campaign. A war waged for my health and family.

So I’m not doing a diet either. I’m declaring it a fast for the Lord. I’m not going to bed on time I’m resting in the Lord. I’ll do things for God I won’t do for me. That will improve as I learn to see me through God’s eyes.

I’m Auditioning Optivia

One of my goals with this blog is to audition different health and wellness products and review them for my audience. Full disclosure I’ve tried Optivia before for 5 weeks. It wasn’t easy, but it worked.

I chose Optivia deliberately. There were some rivals. I do Thrive by Level sometimes. It’s really good at a narrow bit of healthy eating, but it’s overpriced. I end up dropping it whenever I want to get serious about weight loss.

I’m not a fan of long term starving myself. A new eating plan should be sustainable. However, I do believe in seasons of feast and fast. My birthday was a massive season of feasting and it’s time for a fast. I’m excited to take on a fast and as I said before, I’m more successful at not eating when I dedicate it to God. So if I’m going to fast, Optivia is a good one. I don’t know that I could do there sustainable thing, I’ve not tried, but when I get done eating less than a thousand calories a day for a month or two I don’t want a bunch of restrictions. We shall see how this one turns out.

So far…well the 1st two days on the plan I lost 6 pounds. So It’s working so far. Any side effects. I’m hangry a lot! More updates to come.

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